More Weather

It’s still hot. Not AS hot, but hot and humid nevertheless. The dewpoint went into the 80’s a couple of days ago. Srsly???? So I have been shut in my little prison box for a good week, with no fresh air, cause there hasn’t been any. It’s getting me down, I admit it. Life is feeling rather blah at the moment, and is it fall yet? No?

I actually do really well on my own most of the time, but motivation to actually do anything just seems to fade away over time. The more alone I am, the more I withdraw and just quit caring about anything at all. I haven’t even worn anything but pajamas (tee shirt and cotton trousers) for a week. Why get dressed? No one is coming to visit and I am certainly not going anywhere. Man, sometimes I just wish I was one of those go-getter always doing something types, instead of the slug on the couch with the laptop version that I am. But, it is what it is, and I am what I am. Thank you Popeye.

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