I cooked!

<—Definitely NOT me.

Last night, I steamed some broccoli and made broccoli salad. Yes, this counts as cooking for me. But I was pleased. I also cleaned out the frig and organized it's contents. Next is the freezer.

After a relatively pain-free (relative being the key word here) day yesterday, today it's all back again. Still, though, I am hoping to get something accomplished besides sitting on the couch playing on the laptop. I am up to level 19 on Bejewelled Twist, and I have read and read and read more fan fiction than you can possibly imagine, but the real world needs some attention. I'm hoping to be able to provide that, but we'll see how it goes.

The weather alert says high heat and humidity are moving in this afternoon. What have we been having for the past several days, then? Cause it's been pretty hot and soupy out there. Earlier today, the dewpoint was 79. Has to be a record. Just checked…right now it's 88 degrees fahrenheit with a dewpoint of 80. Humidity is 77 percent. Also, it's a bad air day. We have moved from soup to cream soup??? Ewww, that's an analogy I could have skipped over. If you're wondering about the dewpoint:
Dewpoint Explanation

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