It’s not been a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

In fact, as my friend Tess says, it’s Supersonic Yukky. Yesterday was just Super Yukky. Yes, we have classes of yukky, people. Today it was around 90 something, and the dewpoint was in the low 70’s Living in soup and breathing through a wet sponge. I love my a/c. Yes. Yes I do. I am ending my second day, going into my third night of pain having a party all over my body. Didn’t sleep the past two nights, had a four hour nap yesterday and that’s it. Feeling fine. Well, except for the pain party.

Tess drove me to Stop and Shop yesterday so I could get some groceries, since my homemaker is on vacation this week, and I didn’t want a replacement. You can get some real doozys, and I’d prefer not to, thank you very much. My god, the price of food is ridiculous, and it’s only going to get worse, I think.

I watched Warehouse 13 and Eureka on Hulu. Finally, something I’m interested in. I’m also watching a 20-part Korean period drama, “The Painter of the Wind’, which is beautiful. Costumes, scenery, very good actors, and English sub titles. Thank goodness.

Nothing exciting happening here. Just getting through the day til the pain party is over and I can actually get around without the constant owing I’m doing now. LOL Oh, I ate two mangoes today. I love mangoes. And avocados. And artichokes. And bananas. Aren’t you glad I shared that?

2 thoughts on “It’s not been a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  1. It’s very, very good. I love Eddie McClintock. He is such a ‘guy’ and they write it into the show. You know ‘guy’….those ‘yes, it’s a grown man’s body, but inside still lives a 12 year old’. 🙂

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