Yes, people really are stupid.

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing what has happened to this country. Well, actually we started out talking about the root beer float I was planning on having later, got into soda in general, which neither of us drink but rarely, moved on to diet soda and that horrible fake sugar they used to use in it. Cyclamate, I think it was. From there, we moved on to how it might effect the brain and why it was banned, when we had a revelation. We never drank diet soda, either of us, and that’s why we are two of the minority in this country who still have the ability to think.

Not only did those diet soda drinkers not lose weight, because diet soda causes weight gain, especially when you drink it with your mashed potatoes and gravy, but they also incurred enough brain damage to become utter morons. Did you watch the Miss America questions vid, and the math parody vid? Have you ever seen Jay Leno’s man on the street interviews? So here we are. A really neat vid. You have to pay attention to what the guy is saying. Then seriously, read the comments. People can’t discern snark from truth. People can’t discern. People still support the (insert extremely unflattering descriptive word here) Republicans, even though it is clear, and even reported on the actual news, that they are working against the best interests of those very voters/supporters, and are proud of it.

I have lost all hope. Srsly. Here’s the vid.

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