At last

It has cooled down and dried out. Opened the windows yesterday afternoon. Hooray.

Slept til 3 pm yesterday, so up all night again. Still with the pain, but not quite as bad. Did a system image of my pc, which took 9 hours and 11 disks. Holy shimoleon. Never doing that again. Meanwhile, I spent the no-pc time clearing off my desk, sorting papers, going through coupons, filing, all that fun organizing stuff.

I set aside the Torchwood radio plays to listen to somewhere down the line, since I can’t cope with them now. It’s only been two years. I’m sure I’ll be recovering sometime soon. But I will never forgive RTD for being such a despicable human being. So there! If you’re not a Torchwood fan, just ignore this paragraph. LOL

I managed to unload the bottom half of the dishwasher last evening. Just the top half to go. Who would think that would be even considered an achievement? So many things we take for granted when we’re healthy become near insurmountable tasks when we’re not. I’ve lost a lot of mobility, have a fraction of the energy I used to have, and have discarded so many things from my life that I just don’t have enough spoons to deal with anymore. You do know about spoons, don’t you? Have you heard about The Spoon Theory. Google it if you’re interested. It’s for anyone with a chronic, debilitating illness. Fun to say, not to have. Lately I’ve been having fewer and fewer spoons to start out with, so most anything I want/need to do is beyond me. Not looking for sympathy, I’m not comfortable getting sympathy, just stating a fact of my life.

Think I need a nap now. Later, dear readers.

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