Illness Update

Seems the magic wine, extra strength excedrin combo really did work. Still better. Two good days in a row where I actually was functional and got things done. Things that involved more than clicking ‘enter’ on the keyboard. Actual, get up off the couch and move stuff.

Course then I couldn’t sleep last night and then slept from 7am to 2pm, and am now up with a headache and a desperate need to turn off the a/c and open the windows, if the temperature wasn’t 92.5 Fahrenheit with a dew point of 62. 60 is the line when it comes to the dew point. Below that is bearable, above that, just a lot of ick. I like summer, really I do. I liked it in Colorado, anyway. But here in New England, with heat AND humidity, not so much. I know I’ve said this before, but it really is the humidity that makes it miserable. Like trying to live in soup. I don’t even like soup all that much.

I’m really happy to be feeling better, I must say. Having a brain that works and a body that won’t cooperate is frustrating. It was easier to cope with the body not working when the brain was in such a fog that it didn’t matter anyway. Now, my brain can think ahead, and plan, and envision. Things I was not able to do for a very long time. So I want the body to be able to carry out all my plans and ideas. It’s a good thing when they both work at the same time. Yes. Yes it is.

Seems that’s all I’ve got now, except I got turkey hot dogs this week. 4.99 for a package of hot dogs. God, I do not read the grocery receipt often enough. It makes it less painful, but on the other hand, I still have 69 cents for hotdogs stuck in my brain. Sticker shock. Yes, it’s been a long time since I was able to do my own shopping people. LOL

2 thoughts on “Illness Update

  1. It has been so incredibly hot here that you’d fry. And now that ‘monsoon season’ *cough, cough* is here, it’s muggy, too. Wish it would just bloody well rain already!

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