>LOST (The Missing Post)

>NOT lost in the ether, only saved as a draft. HA!

LOST……did you watch it? Wasn’t it just the best thing ever, up until the last ten minutes? I was all “CHARLIE!!!!” “SAYID!! Wasn’t expecting that.” “BOONE!!” And so on throughout. Then came the end, and I was like ‘What???? WHAT???????” And then there was Jimmy Kimmel to take my mind off it. LOLOL

On the illness front, I filled out the survey in the comments to the last post, but nothing happened when I clicked ‘submit’, so don’t know if it worked or not. I’ve been following another plan, too. Today was the third day in a row. But I’ve not been sleeping well, and this afternoon I was sitting here all zombie-like and laid down. Woke up at 5 pm. Otherwise, my plan is helping. Less pain, more energy. Yay, me. I am trying to take a leaf from Ianto’s fanfic life, and make routine, routine, routine my mantra. It usually only works for a couple of days in a row before something comes up, like lots of pain or can’t stay awake or something, that ruins it. I’m feeling hopeful, however. We’ll see how it goes.

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