>That’s right, bollocks! Funk all gone, btw. Thanks for asking. Back to the bollocks.

Been reading a lot of comments about the unbelievably crass and insulting ‘gift’ that RTD gave to our Jack in the final Doctor Ten. Some people are actually okay with it. Some are not. I am in the latter camp. Russell Davies is an amazing writer, if you just don’t pay attention. If you do, you cannot help but notice all the plot holes, the sudden personality changes, the complete manipulation of characters to suit his own whim of the moment. He said in one con interview, in response to a fan, “MY show.” He can do what he wants and the fans don’t matter. Really? Without fans, can there be a show? He said in another interview, that in “They Keep Killing Suzie” the whole point of the episode was to get the two women in the car, presumably to talk about his idea of the afterlife, or lack of one. Not about the characters, not about the show, but about something he wanted to say to the world. Fine. That’s what authors do. But then he destroyed most of his characters. He killed Suzie, Tosh, Owen, Ianto, and he destroyed Jack, right after completely changing him into an idiot. “Lets go yell at the aliens, Ianto. That will fix things.” Dealing with aliens is Jack’s JOB. I know, I keep saying this, maybe not in this place, but I do. In a sit-com, a situation is conceived, and the characters are put into it. The characters are not changed to fit the situation, or the message the author wants to get across. The characters remain true to themselves. This is where Russell falls down. The characters don’t matter to him. Only the situation and the message. The audience doesn’t matter to him either. See quote above. He did actually say at one point words to the effect that fans don’t matter. Logic and continuity don’t matter either, apparently. Jack was an over-sexed narcissist. Yes, he was. But Jack was also a very, very broken man. He had lost everything and everyone he loved. He was tortured, he was killed countless times, he was condemned by his own brother to be buried for two thousand years, dying and reviving over and over again. It’s a miracle he had any sanity left. But he did. The story led us to believe that he did. The story led us to believe that he let down his walls, however reluctantly, just enough to let Ianto in. He allowed himself to love Ianto. Right up to the moment Russell decided Ianto was expendable to Big Dramatic Effect and Jack could just get over it. Because people, love, feelings are only there to be manipulated and crushed. Doctor Who, if you payed attention, is all about loss and pain and regret. I thought it was a children’s show. Anyway, all this death and loss and horror and killing his own grandson left us with broken, destroyed, dead-inside Jack. Here we are six months later. Russell has such respect for his characters that he completely ignores things he’s written about them in previous eps. Donna will die if she remembers the doctor. Donna remembers and lives. Martha leaves to marry Tom. Oh, wait. Martha is married to Mickey. Then, as the final insult, he turns the Doctor into a pimp who ‘gifts’ Jack with a new boyfriend, mainly because he hearts the actor playing the new boyfriend, and with such respect for his character and audience, has Jack just give his big smirk and leer and Ianto, and Tosh, and Owen, and Suzie, and his grandson are all forgotten. It’s all better now Jack, because you have a new shag. The man (Russell T. Davies)is an unbelievable twat. He makes me so aaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhh. And I didn’t even get into the whole ‘Gwen’ issue. Because then I’d have to shoot my computer. Oh, I feel better now. Thank you.

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