>I am such a loser

In such a funk, posted about it, thought it was maybe too harsh, deleted post. It had been twittered already. Here’s the link from the post, for anyone who’s interested:


Being in a funk gets me thinking about things that bother me, and the above is one of them. The things people do in the name of religion just astound and quite frequently disgust, appall, and downright scare me. Ask yourself, what did the icon of your particular religion actually teach, and what was added to that teaching by people who were serving their own needs? A couple of good books I’ve read over the years were ‘Jews, God, and History’ by Max I. Dimont, and ‘What Jesus Taught’. I don’t know the author of the last one.

One thing I said in the deleted post was about buddhism. There are a couple of things in the article about it. One says it is a faith-based religion. It is not. One says it refers to animals as lesser beings, which is only in sects that have imposed the idea of reincarnation on the teachings of the buddha. The buddha did not teach religion, he taught a way of living based on your own knowledge and experience and the evidence in front of you. Basically, it’s about living in a way that causes no harm to yourself or any other sentient being, or the planet. It had nothing to do with god or gods in any form. Just so you know. I urge you to read about it, if you are interested. I have mentioned some good books in my profile.

I don’t like deleting posts, this was only the second one. Both were the result of me being in a foul mood and then reflecting on whether I should put that out there and deciding against. But you know, it’s my blog, and I guess if I wish to write about my foul mood, you don’t have to read it if you don’t like it. I don’t know. I don’t like putting people off, but at the same time, this is blog is about me, with all my faults as well as anything good I may have to offer. Maybe I’m just sick of being sick and having pain and not getting out of here on any kind of regular basis. It’s up to you, readers, if you want to stick with grouch me or not.

3 thoughts on “>I am such a loser

  1. >I missed the post by the way, missed the other one you deleted too. You are who you are, and everyone has bad days…and opinions others may not like. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it. I love you.Happy New Year :)#2

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