>I love Autumn. I do. Day before yesterday was a perfect Autumn day. Clear, cool, blue sky, beautiful. Just perfect.

Update on the fibro life…..after the good day I had last week, I had not-good days up until Tuesday, the perfect Autumn day. I had a very good day Tuesday, then not so much yesterday, and a pretty good day today. I don’t know what makes the difference.

Saturday, even though I wasn’t feeling great, I managed to get it together enough to go to a friend’s house and do some pc fixing and cleaning and just making things less annoying. I got a great free dinner for my trouble, cooked by my friend, who is a great cook, and I didn’t even have to clean up after. Her hubbies helped with that. Which was good, because by then I was totally exhausted. But her pc is working much better, and I got AOL to stop hijacking everything. I hate AOL. I’m sorry, but I do. I am so glad I never got sucked in to downloading it. She spent more time getting it out of her way than using the computer for things she wanted to do.

Hoping to get my Torchwood Season One DVD’s tomorrow. I already have seasons two and three. I plan to watch them one after the other on one of my ‘can’t do anything so may as well watch tv’ days. There are a lot of those with fibro/chronic fatigue, believe me. And tv…..the actual broadcast tv, is really terrible. It’s a lot like AOL…..many, many interruptions so you can’t watch the show you want to watch. Commercials have grown exponentially the past several years, making the whole tv experience one big annoyance. And they wonder why they are losing viewers. Between commercials and those horrible screen-covering popups and logos, why even bother.

Speaking of Torchwood, if they do happen to make a season four, I’m not sure I will watch it. It seems Russell Davies is killing off people just so he can get Jack and Gwen together. I’m expecting Rhys to die if there is a season four. When you watch them without a week between eps, you really get to see what a peach Gwen really is. She lies continually to Rhys and Andy, she uses Andy whenever possible to get what she wants. She is really not a very nice person, I think. And I’m still really, really angry about Ianto. So there!

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