>It was a good day

>In spite of not sleeping well because of leg pain and restless legs acting up, I was up at 9am. but the best part is that I ate well all day. Started with coffee, then oatmeal. Lunch was a Kashi frozen lasagna-type thing, then I had fage with a bit of maple syrup for snack, scrambled eggs with cheese for dinner, and now I’m having some whole grain toast. Oh, and I had a root beer float after lunch. I don’t usually eat this much in a day, but what I do eat is not as healthy, so I am pleased.

Tonight I watched ‘Live Free or Die Hard’, an impossible-to-believe movie in which any normal person would have been dead after the first half hour, but hey, it’s Bruce. I only watched it cause it has Justin Long, who I like. He used to be on Ed, and I remember thinking he was going to be a big deal. He held his own with Mr. Willis, I thought. He was great in ‘Galaxy Quest’, too, even though his role wasn’t that big. I love that movie and watch whenever it’s on. Even with commercials.

Tomorrow is tech support day. I’m going to my friend Tess’s house to work on her pc. That will be fun. We do tend to get hysterical with laughter a lot.

Hoping for a good night with actual sleeping going on. I’ll let you know.

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