>Translations, Anyone?

>Just came across this great translation tool which is in the sidebar. I got the picture from here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mdid/

I love gadgets and gizmos and playing around with things. This one is pretty neat, because not only does it give non-English speakers a chance to read your blog, it could also help you learn another language by seeing what you wrote in that language. Pretty good, I think.

Another sticky day, and I woke up to find that my a/c had a glitch and is not working. Of course it is Saturday, so I can’t really call the super til Monday. If they send out a repairman on the weekend, I can imagine the cost, and the more costs, the more rent will go up, me thinks. The windows are still closed and I have a fan on, so it is bearable. Besides, Bill is going by soon and will maybe clear this weather pattern right out of here. I hope.

Happy Translating, everyone.

Which reminds me of a ‘DUH!’ moment. Awhile back, I was all excited that I had a visitor from Finland. Next day I remembered I had commented on this blog:


which is Finland based. I assume he was checking my blog. This gardener posts lovely, lovely pictures, so check it out.

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