>and Sticky. Too hot and sticky to do much of anything except emulate the cat in the picture. But yesterday I went to Whole Foods with a friend. Haven’t been in a long time. Got some really lovely fruit….figs, apricots, plums, and more. Just one or two of each. Also got an heirloom tomato, which was tasty but not spectacular. Today I made caprese salad….tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil from my Aerogarden, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, s&p. MMMMM. Very nice.

Lots of pain still, but I am managing. I’ve also been bitten in several unrelated places by I have no idea what. I don’t think it’s mosquito, and I haven’t seen anything flying, crawling, hopping or otherwise. It’s always something, right?

Watching a bio of the late, really great Janis Joplin. What is it that the great ones are usually so troubled? We,(me), the great untalented, seem to get through life reasonably well. Creativity takes something from you, or maybe is caused by a lack, or a glitch in the brain. Whatever. She was one hell of a singer, and I was sad when she died. I had all her albums, too. Unfortunately, when husband moved out, he took all the records with him. I have replaced some with cd’s though, over time. I like music of all kinds, with the notable exceptions of most jazz and all country-western. I like western music, just not when it has country attached. LOL

Time for some water, people. Be sure to keep hydrated in the heat, especially if you are ill.

3 thoughts on “>Hot

  1. >I got the Aerogarden last fall I think. From Amazon. On sale and it came with a free seed set-up. Herbs. I'd like to try tomatoes, too. It's nice to have fresh herbs whenever you want them, too. They just keep growing and growing and growing………..lol yomama

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