>The lovely, lovely air-condition repairman came today and fixed the darn thing. It needed a new part. The old one was thirty years old, he said. It is an old building I live in. Anyway, all is now cool and much, much dryer. All of us…..me, the super, and the repair man agreed that we do not like humidity and will never move to Florida, like so many people we know do. LOL

Had a good day so far. Had to move the bed so make easier access to the a/c system in the closet, so kind of rearranged the bedroom, and my homemaker helped me cover the mattress and do some other things in there. I also had to take stuff out of the closet and then put it back after a/c guy left. Not fun when you are trying to work in soup. The putting back was in much more comfortable circumstances, though.

I found another translate gadget, so added it. Tried to get an ’email me’ gadget, but it didn’t work. It’s supposed to scramble your email so spambots can’t grab it, but no. Oh, well.

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