I did not sleep well last night, so I am very tired today. Not getting as much done as yesterday. Did have the visit from Mary Ellen this morning, folded some laundry, made my lunch, watched tv.

The problem is, I can’t find Gertrude. She usually comes out after she’s sure everyone but me is gone, and I have said ‘treats’ several times and shaken the bag, looked in all the cupboards and closets, under the bed, under the shelves, all the places she usually hides, and no Gertrude She has to be here somewhere, and there aren’t that many places to hide. I know she didn’t go out, because she has never gone out on her own, and will not even go near the door when anyone goes in or out. Gertrude, where are you? I guess I’ll have to wait until she gets hungry enough.

Mary Ellen asked about the cats and so I had to tell her about Simon, and now Gertrude has gone super-invisible as opposed to her normal invisible. Not my best day. But it’s gorgeous outside, so some compensation.

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