>She’s Baa-aack


A while later, I just saw her out of the corner of my eye, moving from here to there.  But I had looked ‘here’ earlier, and she wasn’t there.  I looked everywhere.  Maybe she really does have the gift of invisibility.

Watched the last debate last night.  OMG, as people say.  I am not for McCain, but I used to at least have some respect for him.  But with all the nastiness lately from his campaign, and then last night that horrible fake smile, and the expressions, and also he kept looking to his left, as if someone was there prompting him.  Yes, he has more experience, but Nixon had more experience than Kennedy, and look what a disaster he turned out to be.  $5000.00 to buy your own health care.  Puhleeze!  When you are sick, you can barely get yourself to the doctor, let alone first have to find some plans, assess the pluses and minuses to see which covers and fits your situation, buy it, etc., etc., etc.  And $5000.00?  Has anyone checked the price of health coverage today?  What a sorry mess.  I am getting an absentee ballot, since I cannot guarantee being functional enough on the day to get to the polls, and I do want to vote.  It’s important that we do not keep the people who got us in this mess in office, and I also want to be part of history, electing the first black president.  Or African-American.  Or whatever the politically correct term is now.  I was not old enough to vote for Kennedy, and wouldn’t have if I was.  I don’t want to miss this opportunity to do the right thing.  Enough of the political rant for today.

It is a gray day.  Really autumnal.  Haven’t heard if we’re in for rain or not, but I like rain and always welcome it.  Hoping to get some more accomplished today.  Later.

2 thoughts on “>She’s Baa-aack

  1. >haha! Disdain for McCain! Me too!! I just complained about him a few days ago in my blog! I felt compelled to complain about his health policy! USD5,000?? May be useful for someone who is young and healthy, not for those people who really need it!Shop around for insurance? Yeah rite? Tell me to do it in one of those “foggy” days. And what should we do if we lets say get some emergency? Cross the states to get the healthcare since we shopped it there?This guy is a joker! He is bad for people with chronic health problems!

  2. >Colin Powell endorsed Obama today, so that’s a good thing, I hope. You are so right about the $5000. Has he priced health care lately? I’m urging everyone I know to vote, because those who stand by and say it doesn’t matter are the ones who let the other party get in. I’m hopeful that the way things are going right now will spur people to get involved. We’ll see.

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