I had a good day.  Got a lot accomplished (for me, anyway).  Cleared up some bedding that needed a better place in the bedroom, turned the table sideways so it fits better in the room, finally put together the Aero-Garden after only a month of it sitting there.  I even ate three meals.  My breakfast drink, a peanut butter sandwich, and Kraft mac and cheese.  Yum, good nutrition.  Ha.  But then I had a bad night.  I don’t like to say ‘bad’ night, or ‘bad’ day, because every day and night is a good thing, but I can’t think of a descriptive word for ‘couldn’t sleep, felt achy, pain everywhere, headache,’ or any of the many other things that come with fibro/CFS.  ‘Fibrolicious’ doesn’t quite have the proper connotation.  Anyway, it’s a gorgeous cool, breezy day and I’m hoping to get some more accomplished.  I also look forward to a visit from the Homemaker Service nurse, who comes to check on me every three months.  I am awake, I am awake, I am awake. 

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