>It’s Leap Day

> An artificial construct to make an artificial time-line sync with itself. And it’s COLD outside. 20 degrees. Went across street to convenience store for some milk and wine since it’s supposed to snow later. Going to make bread pudding, so need more milk. Going to drink wine, so needed wine. A nice and cheap Chardonnay.

I had a good day today. And yesterday, although by last evening I was in a lot of pain and completely, totally exhausted. But fine today. Had a nap this afternoon, which helped. Simon sat on me throughout the nap, which made for a nice and warm nap.

I mentioned my Green Mountain delivery. It came packed in brown paper, which was cut throughout. I put the box by the cat’s platform and Simon pulled out a piece and proceeded to stretch it with his teeth and made a little nest. Then this morning, when I got up, brown paper and the white paper which was also included, were all over the living room. NOT torn up, thank you very much cats, just all over. They must have had fun while I slept. Sometimes when I get up, there are clumps of cat hair all over the rug. What were they doing? So long as they don’t wake me up, I don’t really care.

Happy Leap Day, everyone.

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