Or maybe four. One, why don’t they make sure food and products are safe BEFORE they are sold, instead of after, when the harm is done? See eyedrops. ‘Oh, we inspected the facilities and they are filthy.’ WHY did you not do that before they were allowed to be sold? I get emails about recalls, and you wonder why we even have food inspection services and the FDA? Do your job, people.

Two. I want to see the Orange Disgrace charged for inciting a government takeover, but maybe it’s like Al Capone. They got him for tax evasion if I remember my history, not for being the murdering gangster he was. Just get him. Keep him away from our government. Keep his cronies away. Do something besides wring your hands. Or is our democracy so weak that one person can wreak havoc? Yep, definitely seems so. Not just him, but several other Republicans seem to have more power than one would think possible based on what we were taught in school about how our government works. Or was that all just lies as well as so much we were taught to believe about our ‘greatest country in the world’. Yeah, that wasn’t true at all, was it? Propaganda. That’s what we got. Propaganda.

Next. The only new Kindle I want is a keyboard, like the original, where it is just a holder for the books I get, not whatever the heck it is now. I don’t want it. I don’t want a tablet, I don’t want a stylus, I don’t want pictures of books I could buy, I just want a new Kindle Keyboard, Amazon. One that works like the one I bought way back in 2014, which I still use every day, and have changed the battery once, but it is slowing, slowing, slowing down and is it possible to get it refurbished or something? I love that thing more than most things I’ve ever bought.

Okay, fourth thing. I am so over the awake all night, sleep off and on all day. It really gets in the way of being awake and alert enough to make necessary phone calls, paperwork, whatever. I cannot seem to get past this. I can only take Nyquil one day in a row, and the next night I am back to awake all night. Melatonin does nothing but make me depressed and weird, and still awake, and no prescribed pills I have ever taken have worked more than a week or so. Nothing I have ever tried has worked consistently. I am flummoxed. Neat word, that. I don’t know how people can just say ‘I’m going to take a nap’ or ‘I’m going to bed now’, and actually go to sleep. I sleep when my body says it’s time, and not a second before. I have no say in the matter. How does that even work?

Stay safe, people. There are more and more bad things coming along, from what I read on the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and all the newsletters I get. More viruses, more things to be wary of. Global warming means more funguses, more insects, more a lot of things that used to be farther south’s problems. We have messed with Mother Nature recklessly for way too long, in spite of what people who know what they are talking about have been telling us for decades, and now Mother Nature is exacting her revenge. Kind of seems like that, doesn’t it, but really, we have just messed up the entire ecosystem so badly that it cannot self-correct anymore We did this to ourselves, because Greed Is Good, and profit is the only thing that matters. I am so over people.

On the other hand, I have quite given up. No matter what, or how well I eat, I keep just getting worse, so I have gone over to self-indulgence, i.e. I bought Tasty Kakes, which actually are very, very tasty. Like Hostess cupcakes used to be, way back when. I also bought Marie Callender’s Razzle Dazzle pie, which was not nearly as tasty as everything I’ve read about it would seem to imply. Disappointed. Having Hood Pineapple Cottage Cheese right now. That really IS tasty. 🙂 Over and out.

1 thought on “THREE THINGS

  1. I completely agree about the Kindle keyboard. I can read it at night in dim light from a lamp, not the blue light of a usual device, and I can change the page with one hand while holding it. I dread the day it dies.

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