Yes, I have been really struggling the past couple of days, after having a couple of good ones (not sequential, but still) where I made tuna soup one day, and a couple days later made Nancy’s Casserole, which is cottage pie but I didn’t know that when I got the recipe from my friend Nancy, so it’s always been Nancy’s Casserole. Easy and so good. I was not up for mashing potatoes so had my homemaker person get me some Bob’s Mashed Potatoes and just whacked them on top. Over-whipped, and whipped is not mashed, people, but tasty. Can of creamed corn (you can use any veg you like, I like creamed corn), jar of Heinz gravy, lots of grated cheese on top the last ten minutes. Yum. Probably four meals for me out of one pound ground beef. I have not bought ground beef in literally decades, except for premade black and blue burgers from Market Basket, they have blue cheese in them and are rolled in cracked peppercorns. Oh, yum. But I am trying to eat more beef because I think my body is lacking whatever beef brings to the nutrient table. Iron pills just don’t do it, and I recently learned that beef has extras that you cannot get from supplements. So. Anything in hopes I will have more ‘yes, I can get something done’ days. Anyway.

So much bad, bad, bad the Republicans are doing and no one seems to be doing anything to stop them. There must be something other members of government can do. I do not get how one or two people can just run rampant and change things for everyone in the country with none of the checks and balances our government is supposed to have. It is very concerning and disturbing, and I am angrier and angrier with the mindless drones who just keep voting them in. Get a brain, people. Do some research. Think about consequences for everyone, including yourselves, not just the people that you don’t like or approve of. It affects us all, not just them. How do you not see that? Somehow, somewhere, we have really failed in the education of our citizens. Badly. Very, very badly failed.

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