Today is the fourth day in a row I have eaten meat. Beef, to bespecific. I made onion burgers the other day, cook the hb, add a can of Campbell’s French Onion Soup, simmer a bit to reduce liquid, serve on toasted buns with chips. Had it two days in a row. Yesterday I made the meatloaf, had some, had some more today. The reason I’m telling you this is because today I am much, much better. I have done several things, in spite of being awake til broad daylight and only sleeping maybe three hours this morning. I am back to jumping up to do something I just though of, which only happens on the very best of days, which are extremely rare. Is it the beef? I know I have always been anemic and am taking iron pills, so maybe I am lacking whatever you get from beef. I have tried going vegetarian several times over the years, but eventually I remember I feel better when I eat meat. And here seems proof. So happy me is happy today to be Getting Things Done. Yes!!

2 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Agreed. I am having black and blue burgers this week, which is huge burger with blue cheese in them and then rolled in crushed peppercorns. Been buying then every summer for some time, and got 4 now to have one a day. Then I am going to make Nancy’s Casserole. Remember that? Did not know for eons that it is cottage pie. If it was lamb it would be shepard’s pie. English are weird peoples. LOL

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