I made meatloaf. It took about three hours, because I had to sit down after scrubbing the carrots (did you know you don’t have to peel carrots if you just scrub them well?) and washing the mushrooms. Then I chopped them in the food processor, had to sit down for a bit, crushed in the crackers, added the onions my friend Tess chopped a big bag of for me a couple of weeks ago, added the seasonings (tons of pepper. I like pepper) and the eggs. sit down again. Add the meat, mix it up, sit down. Put the mix in the pie pan as the pan I had intended to use had been put away not really clean (not by me). It is now in the oven for about 90 min as it’s a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. But I did it. By myself. Woo Hoo I’d love it to wind up like this one, but not holding my breath.BTW, it is midnight.

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