Are not having a good relationship. I did an order a couple of weeks(?) ago that was not delivered because lack of drivers. Seriously? Did an order yesterday, confusing screw-up, wound up getting a refund and the order (good customer service, anyway), and I signed up for the free Paramount + you can get with Walmart+, which I have. Went to watch something. None of the videos I selected are available. None. WTF? I guess it’s true you get what you pay for. I paid nothing, and I got nothing. Sheesh, Walmart.

On the other hand, I have ordered twice from Target with their Shipt thing, and got both orders within a couple of hours. There was a problem with one thing I wanted not being available, and had a very nice phone conversation with the shopper who told me exactly what was there to be had (it was a dry erase board) and I picked a replacement.

Walmart needs to seriously up their game, delivery-wise. Their everyday low prices are not really that low, either.

It has gone from hot and sticky to OMG I am freezing. It got down to 41 last night, according to my phone. Blankets. Long sleeves. Hot drinks. Fireplaces. Happy days are here again. LOLOL

Winter cozy hot chocolate in front of window, snow, sweater. Lazy weekend, love, comfort

2 thoughts on “WALMART AND I

  1. I am very happy with Target, too. although I hate the actual store. Once you get into the first aisle, it’s all “Where’s the door? Where am I? Am I going to be wandering around Target forever?” Do not like.

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