Had to close the living room window because cold north wind was blowing straight in. Brrr. Bad day yesterday, better day today. No idea why, but not complaining. Signed up for Paramount + through Walmart + and am picking shows to watch. Scrolling around, suddenly there is Tom Cavanagh, on an old Smithsonian show about the museum. Well, I would watch Tom Cavanagh read the phone book, as they say, so am going to learn about The Smithsonian. Yay, I think.

So I mentioned yesterday was not a great day, and last night I was thinking about my life and it occurred to me that I don’t have a future anymore. Don’t need to buy new things, the old pots and pans are fine, so is the old phone, etc. Kind of hit me where I live. Of course, I was beginning to feel like I am never going to get any better, and this is my life from now on, barely able to shove something in the microwave for dinner, and hobbling around hanging onto my cane with two hands. Then today, here I am, much better. Life is weird.

Have my Caramelldansen channel playing on Pandora, which always helps my mood. Fast music, with a strong beat, lots of Imagine Dragons. It’s all good. So better day, and I think cold weather and sunny days help a lot. Be safe people. I still wear my mask around people every time. I have enough to cope with already, thank you very much. 🙂

Imagine Dragons

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