It was over by the time I got up at ten am, but the snow is still there. Not a lot, but still. It is 25 degrees, so I don’t think it’s going to melt. White Christmas. Sort of. Yay.

A person in my friend’s ukulele group tested positive for COVID, so I’m kind of glad her bad leg has kept her away. I do not want to get sick. It’s very difficult to be really ill when you are on your own. She is getting a home test kit, and I’m hoping she is okay. She’s the friend who makes me laugh hysterically just about every single time I see or talk to her. Don’t want to lose that. She is really a wonderful, wonderful friend, and her husband is pretty great, too.

Me and Miss G are just vegging. I did finally load and run the dishwasher last night, and washed the iron skillet today. Am hoping to cook something, Jiffy cornbread, or a lemon bar mix I have, or flourless peanut butter cookies. Something. I am almost out of milk, there was no half and half Friday when my homemaker shopped, and my bread went moldy. Fortunately for my coffee, I have lots of canned milk. Growing up, everyone used canned milk in their coffee. It’s not great, but black coffee is not for me. Still have my fatoush and a bit of the falafel wrap left, too. I think tomorrow I will either make sausage and gravy, or corn chowder. Canned milk goes in the chowder, but I need the real thing for the sausage and gravy, although, you can dilute canned milk to be like milk only the taste is NOT the same. My gramma used to make canned milk ice cream in an ice cube tray. We were too poor to buy ice cream. Anyway, will decide tomorrow, if I even am up for cooking tomorrow. Never know til the day arrives. 🙂 It’s kind of good to be eating what I have on hand, too. Lots of canned goods and pasta and some things in the freezer. I could make bread or biscuits or something, too. I have everything I need. Pancakes, anyone? I have Bisquick, but it’s a couple of years old and I’m not sure how long it’s good for. I used to make my own Bisquick. That way I knew what was in it. Oh, I have powdered milk, too. Ewwww, but it’s great in baking. Just add water to replace milk, or just dump a packet into whatever to up the protein content. BTW, did you know that you can blend summer squash or zucchini and freeze it to use in place of milk in baking. Gives a slight pumpkin vibe to whatever. Really nice.

Watched this last night. It’s a yearly tradition. I love The Snowman. Can you tell? Tomorrow I will watch White Christmas. Another tradition. Hey, just because I am alone does not mean I can’t have traditions, right? I used to watch A Christmas Story every year, because one of our local channels in NH played it all day long on Christmas. Now I have to rent it and I really hate paying for things when I already pay for the service. I have a friend who watches It’s A Wonderful Life every year.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve. We always had beer and Dutch Lunch, and Christmas cookies. May have said that already. Wish I was having that tonight. I do have some really dark beer. I love dark beer. It’s porter, I think. Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone, and stay safe.

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