I am stuck in a rut. For three days now, I have been pretty much sleeping, reading, messing about on here, or watching my streaming channels. I need to load the dishwasher. I need to put the laundry away. I need to do a lot of things. The plan was a friend would maybe run me by the grocery store so I could pick up a few Christmas-type things in the food department. Not going to happen. I can order groceries to be delivered with DoorDash. Have I done that? Have I even looked online to see what I might want? Have I done anything at all in any way productive? I ordered in last night, if that counts.

Snow is predicted for tomorrow. Actual white stuff falling from the sky. I am not holding my breath, however. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Any brilliant ideas for getting myself motivated, beside ‘get up and do it, damnit’, cause that is NOT working At. All. So what I am doing is cleaning up my laptop, backing things up, etc. Me and Miss G are just here on the couch with the curtains closed to keep out the cold, the full-spectrum ceiling lights on to simulate actual daylight, and the fireplace keeping us toasty warm. I had oatmeal and coffee earlier, and I have leftover Lebanese takeaway for later. This was disappointing. And expensive. I can make better fatoush, and have done in the past, back when I actually prepped and cooked actual food. Those days. I have had better kibbee, too, but the falafel wrap was okay, except the wrap was kind of dried out. Still have a lot of that left, and a lot of fatoush, which I am going to whack in the nutribullet and drink instead of eating it. I don’t like salad and this is a good way to get it down me anyway. Drink it. Just add a bit of whatever liquid you have on hand. I have some flavored seltzer in the frig. Juice would be good, but I never buy juice. Anyway.

Kibbee What I’m used to. Not what I got.
falafel wrap Wrap was like a flour tortilla


There used to be a Middle Eastern sort of deli attached to a grocery store we frequented in Salem, NH, and they made really good food.

Almost Christmas. Every year I think, this could be my last Christmas, and here I sit all alone without even a decoration up (thank you Gertrude) and no Christmas dinner or pressies or tree or anything. Not even a Christmas ecard. Or a real one. Bah. Also, humbug. But every year I survive it and it’s okay. I do kind of miss the excitement, though. Was fun when the kids were little. Christmas is for kids, really. Unfortunately, I have never grown up so still could fit into that category. Mentally. LOL Okay. Done for now. Be safe, people. Be safe.

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