What’s Up With Me?

I don’t even know. Seem to have lost interest in a lot of things recently. I think it’s just the winter miseries. I have been doing more real-life things, too, so maybe that contributes. This week was the busiest I have had in eons. Sunday was my friend’s visit, Monday I was on the couch all day and could not do the usual Monday get out, so my friend asked if I wanted to do Tuesday instead. Do I!!! So we trekked to the liquor store from my semi-annual stock up, and did a couple of other stores, too. Wednesday. my friend Beth came for a surprise vist. It’s been maybe three years except for about ten minutes last year when she stayed in the hall and we chatted with masks on and she gave me some pressies. This year we went to dinner and had a great time. Thursday, I got my booster shot. Again, no side effects, not even a sore arm. Yesterday I couched again, and it’s too soon to tell what today will be like. But that was a LOT of activity for me, especially ever since the pandemic began.

Something smells horrid in my kitchen and I cannot find anything that might be causing it. Ewwww. Plus, my homemaker bailed again, so I have a lot of catching up to do. The things she would have done. Oh, well. Hoping it’s a good doing things day.

It’s foggy, although it is clearing up slowly. I love fog. We don’t get it nearly as much as we used to, but it’s December and 56 degrees out. Tell me global warming isn’t real. I can see it every day.

Trying to cancel apple tv and can’t make it work. Got a text that my phone service had been suspended with no warning or reason, and cannot sign in to T-Mobile to see WTF is going on. They were bought by Sprint, so maybe it’s time for a change anyway. I’ve always had T-Mobile, buy minutes in advance, no plan and been very, very happy with it, but it’s not T-Mobile anymore, I guess. I don’t believe they should allow companies to absorb other companies like that. No competition means they can do and charge whatever they want and we have no other options. But nobody asked me. Oh, well.

Hope everyone is keeping safe, because it really is NOT OVER, people. Get your shots. Wear your masks. Keep your loved ones save even if you think you are immortal, they are not.

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