Good Morning

It’s December. Christmas. Snow. Or not. A good month, I think. November was not too bad. I was better there for a bit, then my primary care doctor was not happy with me being on prednisone and does not want to prescribe it any more, so am finding a new rheumatologist to see. The result was I went down a mg, almost immediately got worse, so after about ten days, went back up a mg. My ability to function seems very dependent on prednisone, at the correct dosage.

BUT, while I was being better, I walked up to the Chinese restaurant with my friend Tess, and stopped in at a couple of new shops on the way. This is about half a block away, I think, so no great deal. I had my eyes check, got new glasses, got my flu shot, and all in all I was out Monday and Wednesday one week, and Monday and Tuesday a coulple weeks later. The second Monday, we walked all the way up to the library, which I have not been able to do in eons. Stopped for lunch on the way up, and needed to sit on my walker seat a couple times on the way back, but I did it. Next time, I’m going IN the library. The thing is, I cannot do this on the lower dose. Maybe new rheumy will have some ideas. Oh, I even cooked a couple of times. Now, while waiting for the higher dose to kick back in, I am behind on everything and it’s starting to look messier than usual again and that is all very frustrating. had to cancel homemaker Friday cause could not get it together, then Tess and Ed did not come Sunday because she was in the Santa Parade, and I was feeling crap on Monday, so except for my neighbor stopping by to bring me a package that somebody had opened and stolen half the contents, I have not seen another human for almost two weeks.

I also met my first anit-vaxxer, who strangely enough, has been vaccinated but is dead set against it, citing the thousands who have died from it, and the people who have gotten it and just dropped dead a week later. It was the optometrist where I got my glasses. Tess and I just looked at each other and I said that both our families and everyone we know and my children have all been vaccinated and none has had any side effects, upon which he started going on about the thousands of children who have died. Tried to tell him I do not believe any of his facts are true, but he has done his research, the famous last words of anti-vaxxers who usually go on to die of COVID. Oh, he had horrible side effects from the vaccine, too, according to a very healthy looking him. When I went back to pick up the glasses, he was going on about how he had to boycott this or that company now because they are ‘woke.’ OMG, there is just no hope at all for humanity. Our brains have turned to mush, it seems. It seems odd to be an rabid antivaxxer, when you’ve had the vaccine, doesn’t it? Getting my booster in a week or so, too.

But I am good, and Gertrude is good, and it is 44 degrees out, leaves are still on the trees across the street, and where is winter, Mother Nature? I like snow.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I’m pretty much not buying anything, because a. I hardly ever get out, and b. we seem to have a thief in the area now so deliveries are at risk, so no need to do an actual boycott. 🙂

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