Couple of Things

Better today, finally, btw. No idea why, but not complaining.

There’s an article in today’s CrimeReads newsletter.

Saw this movie (Wait Until Dark) in the theater when it first came out way back a long time ago, (Alley Oop Oop, Oop Oop, Oop Oop.) and at one point _everyone_ in the room gave a huge gasp. It was that kind of movie, and if you ever get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend it. No gore, either. I don’t care for gore.

From 7News, Boston

The other thing is yesterday a man was killed when something flew off a truck into his car. This happened to a neighbor when we lived in NH. He was driving down the highway when a pipe flew off the truck in front of him and impaled him. How horrible. He left a wife and two young children, too. Be careful who is in front of you on the highway. Or behind you. I was once forced to take an exit off 95 South in NH when two semis came up behind me and made a game of forcing me to go faster and faster until I just took the next exit to get away from them. I was truly frightened.

Anyway, better today so far, and figured out how to make the cinnamon crunch latte from Panera and the cinnamon syrup came yesterday so I had one this morning. Yum. Not as good as theirs, but still yum. Cinnamon syrup is easy to make yourself, too, I’ve discovered, so will do that as soon as I stock up on cinnamon sticks. You sort of smash up 7 cinnamon sticks to shreds and put in pot with 2 cups each sugar and water. Bring to a barely boil on low, reduce and simmer 4 minutes and let sit overnight. Strain, pour into clean container and there you go. Found the recipe on Oh I didn’t do the whipped cream on top or anything, cause mine didn’t come that way at Panera anyway. I don’t do sweet drinks, but this one is very nice and not too sweet. I just added a splash of the syrup, but you can add it to taste. Strong coffee and light cream or half and half. Okay, I’m done. “_

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