My favorite month. The colors! The cool air. The smell of wood smoke drifting in the windows. Apples. Something about October just sings to me.

Pumpkins, lovely orange pumpkins. I grew pumpkins one year, and right before halloween, someone stole every single one of them.

These remind me of russets. Not sure.

Way back when, there was an old man up near Wrentham who sold very old varieties of apples. We liked to try as many different ones as we could. There was an apple tree in our back yard, too, and I tried to sort of give it a kick start, but it didn’t really put out much fruit. Don’t even know what variety it was.

Oh, and winter squash. I love winter squash. I think I’m hungry. LOL

My cousin Glenda, who was a few years older than me, and I, used to rake the leaves from the huge cottonwood tree in my gramma’s front yard, into rooms. One huge floor plan, made of leaves. The smell of fallen leaves, and the crunch when you walk through them. What’s not to love about October? Soon will be the fun holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Makes me wish I was a kid again sometimes. The best part of Christmas, though, was when the kids were young. Watching their excitement and agony over having to wait to open presents. One year we bought the eldest a stereo, in a huge box, and she was going mad trying to figure out what it was. I miss those days sometimes. Anyway, it’s October, and I am happy. 🙂 Happy October, everyone!

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