So A Weird YouTube Thing Happened

I’ve started watching a series about a guy on a narrowboat. I’ve seen 3 or 4 episodes, and I can’t remember the name of it. But I went to check it out, and it seems to have vanished. It is not in my saved folder, not in my youtube subscriptions, not in my youtube history. Gone. Just gone. How can that happen? Anybody????

On the OMG I am so over fibromyalgia front, I upped my Prednisone from 6mg to 7mg on the 25th, and by yesterday I was better enough to actually go out to lunch and do some dollar store shopping with my friend Tess. I have not been able to do this in a while, so it was a super great day, AND I had a cinnamon crunch latte at Panera, and for someone who does not normally go for sweet drinks, OMG I could drink this every single day. If I had a way to get to Panera every single day, which I don’t.

Today is recovery day, so pretty useless, but not in the normal ‘life sucks right now’ useless way, just need to recovery from being out and walking and shopping and all. Feeling groovy, I mean hopeful.

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