Update, Update. Get it. Get it.

Sorry about that. Anyway, here’s this.


Which is only relevant because I commented on social media and said this to Tess yesterday, too, when we were talking about how everything is now connected to the internet. “Honey, we have lost everything. Bank accounts, savings, everything.” “How did that happen?” “Someone hacked our toaster.” I am so freaking funny. LOLOL

Here is Gertrude, after I threw out some treats for her. She just sat there and stared at them. This has never happened before. I am getting seriously concerned.

4 thoughts on “Update, Update. Get it. Get it.

    • Well, I called the vet, who didn’t call me back until today, but miraculously, AFTER I called the vet, she started being her normal self again and is fine today. Stupid cat. Vet recommended some drops for calming, which makes me think of homeopathy, so will pass on those. 🙂

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