Oh, My. Recovery Day

My body aches. I am shuffling around. I need to lie down and just read and forget everything else except feeding Miss G today. But it was worth it. It was a good day, and I had lots of fun. There is just that one exercise that I should not have continued with once I noticed it was causing some pain. Idiot Jean is an idiot. This is why I am sticking to one session per week, too. Twice a week does not allow enough recovery time, and that’s how the pain response gets started.

Speaking of Miss G, she is kind of worrying me. After a big thunderstorm a week or two ago, where she was absolutely freaking out, she has been especially fearful and skittish and timid, and I am not sure what to do about it except keep being soothing and calm around her. Poor baby. She wants to hide a lot. Any thoughts, anyone? I have googled and it doesn’t look like a health issue, so am at a loss. I miss Miss run around like a maniac. šŸ˜¦

On the plus side, Kongos ‘Hey I Don’t Know’ is up in my playlist and I like that song. DD2 introduced me to a new group yesterday. Poor Man’s Poison. Quite like them. Fit right in with what I’m into at the moment. One song made me think of The Cog Is Dead, another favorite group. For some one who cannot play any instrument of any kind, I am very into music. Brightens my life. When I’m feeling really down, there is even a song for that. Dead Summer by Unblest. I’m always telling Tess that there is a song for everything, and I frequently start singing one that fits the moment or the subject or whatever. She has started doing it, too. Tess and I are the same kind of crazy. Rare to find someone who is that. Her husband does the little circle thing sometimes when we are laughing hysterically over something that only we find hilarious.

Oh, dear. I need coffee. Coffee break time. Oh, yeah. On the kind of not great side, the smoke is worse today, according to the site. Windows still closed, a/c still on. I work at not letting myself think too much about what is going so badly wrong on the planet. So many things. The birds. That is so upsetting, and I cannot let myself think about it because it is crushing. There is nothing I can do, and I have learned that torturing myself over things I have no control over is self-destructive. A technique I learned in therapy is to just firmly say to myself STOP! when the thoughts begin. Silently or aloud, doesn’t matter. I have been doing it so long it just happens automatically, I don’t even have to think about it. Anyway, the worst part of it all, I think, is the knowledge that we have done this. Us. Humanity. We have just callously done whatever we want, usually in the name of profit, and gave no thought to consequences. In spite of being warned what would happen for decades.

On the bright side…but I am having trouble coming up with a bright side right now. I started out so well, too. Should not have let that bird thought in. Too late. Well, I do have some good food in the frig, that’s a bright side. Better than open box, eat contents, which is my usual go to when things are not going well.

Here’s a Cheer-Me-Up collage I made.

And another. Barrowman never fails to make me laugh or smile. Here, the horse is standing on his foot. šŸ™‚

Yes, I am a Torchwood/Ninth Doctor fan girl, and proud of it.

2 thoughts on “Oh, My. Recovery Day

  1. Get some Bach Rescue Remedy for her. A few drops in her water, or put some in your hand and have her lick it…calming. Very calming. Or check out Green Hope Farms; they have an entire collection of animal wellness essences. And yes, they work.

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