My Birthday

was the 20th. The same day the murdering cop was convicted, so I let it pass. But now I can say, it was a great birthday. My youngest sent me chocolate-covered mammoth strawberries, my oldest called me from New Mexico and we had a long and funny chat, my friend Tess brought me a little cheesecake, and my friend Beth called to say she was stopping by. She lives more than an hour away. Stopping by? I have great friends. She brought me flowers from her garden, wine, Ferrero Rocher, and homemade scones and really, really good homemade pea soup. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny, windows open day. I really enjoyed it. Some birthdays are not so great, but even then, Tess usually brings a tiny cake from the grocery and we share it. Last year, no sharing of course. We did this year, because she had already been in when she took me for my first vaccination, and we wore masks except when actually eating, and sat across the room from one another. Beth and I had a long chat with her in the hallway.

Yeah, don’t know why this is sideways or how to fix it. 🙂

Flowers from Beth’s garden with Gertude checking them out.
Close up. They smelled heavenly, too.

Second shot Sunday, then two weeks and back to sort-of-normal. Oh, god, I will be able to have someone in to clean. I cannot wait. Will still wear a mask and distance some, but won’t feel the need to be quite as cautious as I have been for the past 13 months. I don’t think this is ever going to be over especially since there are so many morons refusing masks and vaccine, but it will be a little better, I hope.

The flowering pears had a gorgeous, gorgeous bloom this year, and now the leaves are starting to pop out. Weirdly enough, the petals don’t drop anymore. They just sort of vanish as the leaves come out. They used to drop all over the sidewalk and street, but have not for the past couple of years. I have no idea why this has changed.

Anyway, I am even older than older than dirt now, but still having fun every day and enjoying my life, isolation and all. Stay safe, everyone, and please listen to science, not Fox News or the orange disgrace. Use your brains, that’s what they are for.

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