I AM A Cat Person

My Simon
First Gertrude
Second Gertrude

Cats are bendy. I like bendy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s some funny things from boredpanda.com about cat and dog people.

Ali Kolbert: Isn’t it weird how we have one million dog greeds and everyone is like ‘goldendoodle’ this or ‘chihuahua mix’ that and if you ask someone what type of cat they have it’s just like ‘an orange one’.

Simon Sinek: The difference between dog people and cat people: dog people wish their dogs were people. Cat people wish they were cats.

+++I just said the other day how I envied my cat. No worries about hair, clothes, cooking, cleaning. Just be and someone feeds you. Yeah.+++

bunny girl: someone said cats are a lesson in consent and so many controlling people hate cats because they can’t control them and I haven’t stopped think about it since.

woke drug guy: Dog people are like this dog costs $3000 and is hypoallergenic. Cat people are like I found this cat in an engine.

PAPERBEATSSCISSORS: dog people hate cats and cat people hate people

Elle M.: People are always like CATS R ELITIST DOGS R THE PETS OF THE COMMON MAN but like 95% of cat acquisition stories are ‘I found him in the garbage and took him home’

Soren Bowie: ……..If you want a loyal friend who trusts and loves you implicitly, get a dog. If you want to know where the ghosts in your house are, get a cat.

+++My cats have all spend inordinate amounts of time staring at absolutely nothing I can see+++

jao: Dog people be like this dog was more expensive than my car. Cat people are this cat entered my house and now I belong to him.

+++Most of our pets when I was a kid came to our door, my mom fed them once, and they never left. We had a gorgeous, lovable, black lab that was the best dog ever. A child could fall asleep on him and he would not move til they woke up. He came to the door and was with us his entire life. We advertised, but no one ever claimed him, thank goodness.+++

ella: cat people: I like cats more but dogs are cool. dog people: cats are the DEVIL!!! I had a cat once and it ATE MY GRANDMA Comment on this one:

troufaki13 Yet it is estimated that nearly 25k people are killed by dogs per year. No deaths are recorded by cat

plant daddy: Dog people always act like dogs are so much better than cats but as a cat person just wanna say that you never see cats working with the cops

Lucy Haber: Dog people: My dog is my CHILD. Cat people: my cat is a fully grown adult human being that I invited to live with me and now is somehow in charge of my entire household.

UberFacts: +++There’s Uber Facts? Seriously? Anyway:+++ On average, cat owners tend to be more intelligent than dog owners, according to researchers from Carroll University. (Cat owners all?) Cat people tend to score higher in sensitivity, open-mindedness and are more likely to possess university degrees.

PAULDOcK: Cat people: ‘people who don’t like cats only hate them because they’re scared of their power & fear their superior intelligence. They’re scared of an animal with independence unlike a f—ing servile pathetic dog.’ Cat: *gets tangled in the blind*

Deb Farnworth-Wood: Some may say dog owners are micro-managers whereas cat owners are more willing to stand back and observe.

+++Seriously, micro-managing a cat is not possible. Have you ever tried to get a cat to do anything it did not already want to do? Seriously?+++

Deniz Vitvitskiji comment: Most of the posts boil down to ‘Cat peole are more accepting than dog people’ at this point.

+++Well, that was fun.+++

2 thoughts on “I AM A Cat Person

    • Thanks. This comment got me to read the post again, and I cracked up laughing…again. I am one who says, ‘It’s black’, or whatever when asked about my cat. I think if I came across some esoteric one, like a Siamese or something, I would know, but otherwise, it’s just ‘cat’. ๐Ÿ™‚

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