Ah, Well

Another day I slept through most of. I may try to just stay awake til tomorrow night, although sometimes I just can’t stay awake. Can’t sleep when I want, can’t stay awake when I want.

Read a post about cycles. “My ability to do chores improved immensely when I stopped thinking of them as things that can be finished and started thinking of them as cycles. It’s no longer “what do I need to do to get the kitchen clean?” but “where am I in the kitchen cycle?” eg dishes go from the cupboard to the table to the dishwasher and back to the cupboard. If your goal is to finish, you’ll always be in a state of failure. If your goal is to keep momentum going, every little step is a success.”

What a great idea. Maybe it will stop me from feeling like I’m failing life when I can’t keep up with the dishes. ‘Hey, I’m just kind of stuck in one piece of the cycle. A good strong kick should fix that.’ I wish.

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