Here’s hoping this one is better. Let’s hope people realize that the Cult of Trump is not really a good thing, for them or for anyone else. Let’s hope we get a handle on this virus thing before it wipes up all out. Let’s hope people get over being all about me, me, me, and start thinking of those around them. Start caring for one another. Remember their compassionate sides. Let’s hope it’s not too late, and that we actually do something about climate change instead of just arguing if it’s real or not. We did that with the virus, look how well that turned out. We are living in a time of plague. Yes, plague. Scary, isn’t it? But this is the time we need to work together, to look out for each other, to care what happens to those who aren’t us. Coming together to fight common enemies, like climate change and viruses and corrupt governments. Let’s hope we wake up to this. Let’s hope. And let’s do something about it.

And speaking for myself, let’s hope for snow.

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