So That Was Christmas

Hope yours was good, mine was fine. Watched Christmas movies, made roast beef with yorkshire pud, gave the beef to a friend and ate the pud over two days. I love yorkshire pudding made with roast beef drippings. Got a few nice edible prezzies, had a pop-visit standing six feet down the hall with masks from a friend I have not seen in about a year. So that was a real treat.

So back to real life. Here are a couple of things to check out that I hope will make you think about who you are supporting. We are in a real mess in this country, and the Cult of Trump is so destructive. It’s very hard to break from a cult, so I’ve read, but I hope those of you who are in his thrall wake up sooner, rather than later. But I am not holding my breath here. I have seriously lost hope for humankind, because a good portion of us seem to have no humanity. Caring for one’s fellow man. So many seem to be lacking that. Very sad.

Sorry, I cannot figure out how to do links on here.

Who they are, and what they’ve done:

This is from the other day, before they passed the 600 dollar thing. Worried about the deficit, it says, but still give tax breaks and thousands and thousands of dollars to already rich folk and corporations. Do you still really, seriously think we matter to them?

2 thoughts on “So That Was Christmas

  1. All good here at the other end of the world and glad to be a long way away…we had a vegan feast because part of the family is vegan, some can’t have dairy and well, everyone can eat yummy veg dishes and lots of mushrooms, right? Nothing traditional, but people seemed to enjoy it :). And it’s summer so platters of food and lots of salad was the go.

  2. Christmas in the summer. Hard to take in. Although I guess it must be like living in LA or such.
    Sometime I think I’d prefer to be a long way away, as well. Our government is not exactly caring about the citizens, more their rich, white, old cronies. Don’t know how to fix it. Mostly try not to think about it too much. 🙂

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