Remember this

when it’s time to vote, which it is. These are from The Guardian

‘Americans struggle to survive after benefits expire as millions are left to rely on state unemployment benefits while waiting on Trump’s reduced federal benefits of $400 a week to begin’

‘Trump’s attacks already undermining confidence in vote by mail
Voters are calling election offices concerned about whether vote-by-mail ballots will count. Some are cancelling requests for them’

This is exactly what he wants. You’re less likely to vote if it’s inconvenient, which voting by mail is NOT. So fewer voters mean more votes for him, and you get four more years of destruction of democracy, and possibly eviction and hunger and is this what you want for your children? Really, is it? Vote, just do it. Get those ballots and take then to your local election office in person if you don’t trust the mail. The mail worked fine until the Trump-appointed Postmaster General started messing with it in order to make it harder to vote.

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