It’s The Friday Five

1. How’s your health this week?

Pain, fatigue, hobbling around with my cane, sleeping a lot. In other words, same old same old.

2. What’s the healthiest thing you’ve done recently?

Went for a ride with a friend. Wore masks, windows open. Had not been outside except for the fire alarm since March 11th. Was kind of getting to me, and this helped a lot.

3. What do you look for in a doctor?

Someone who actually listens and responds to what I say, not just writes things down on the laptop.

4. What was your most memorable childhood illness?

I remember having the mumps, and my mom going shopping and leaving me home alone, which I thought was fantastic. Besides, she bought me something nice while she was out.

5. What’s your most interesting scar and how did you get it?

I have a small dent just below my knee from when I jumped off a fence and landed on a board with a nail sticking up. Friend and I walked to her kitchen where her older sister promptly looked after me, and then I fainted. My parents came and took me to the ER so I could get a tetanus shot, but I don’t remember the injury even hurting. It was all very exciting.

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