More Put-downs of Poor People

There is a thing on Tumblr about how real food is actually cheaper than fast food, with examples. They show the cost of a serving of milk, for example, as opposed to how much you actually have to pay for a carton of milk in order to get that serving. The cost of a chicken, but not the time, effort, physical ability, stove, utensils, pots and pans and gas or electricity required to cook that chicken. I have included the illustration. Where can you buy ONLY three slices of bacon that is not a fancy butcher shop, which we all know there are just loads of those in poor neighborhoods, right? Where can you buy four slices of bread, or a couple of tablespoons of oil or whatever is in that little bowl? It reminds me of magazine diets, where you have 1 slice of cantaloupe for breakfast, but the rest of the cantaloupe never shows up in the menu. Can you buy one thin slice of cantaloupe, and if so, would it not be at a premium? If you’ve never been poor, or ill, or homeless, you have absolutely no idea of what life is like for those who are. Real food by serving may be cheaper by money cost, but nowhere does it take into consideration every cost involved, not only monetary, in getting that one serving. Some people literally have no idea what real life is like. It also seems that people seem to have the attitude of ‘You’re poor, you should be spending your money on “whatever the richer person approves of here”, because, obviously, poor people do not deserve to have fun or treats or any of the things that make life more than just struggle, struggle, struggle.

3 thoughts on “More Put-downs of Poor People

  1. It’s like when food stamps were actual pieces of paper, set up like side-tear checks. I would get dirty looks from people behind me if I was buying anything “frivolous” in their eyes. I worked for the “privilege” to use those damned stamps when I had no income, so screw them.

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