From The New York Times

“Republicans are seeking to lower the payments for tens of millions of jobless Americans to $200 a week in a $1 trillion recovery package. Democrats support a $3 trillion package that includes extending the $600-per-week federal payments, which expire on Friday, through the end of the year.”

Because they obviously need that money for themselves and Suckerberg and Jeffy baby. The rest of us are completely irrelevant. Look up what other countries are doing, and be outraged by your government. The one so many of you think is the best thing ever. Because clearly, your brains have given up working altogether.

2 thoughts on “From The New York Times

    • In this country right now, the rich are the only ones who matter. I firmly believe they are hoping to just kill off the rest of us with their monumentally stupid managing of the virus, and the idiotic ‘health’ tips the administration is tweeting out to gullible worshipers. I used to think people would wake up eventually, but that hasn’t happened so far and it is not looking good for the future, either. Idiots abound.

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