Not Going At All Well

My back is becoming more and more of an issue every day. I am using my cane to hobble around, I am behind on everything. Dishes in the sink, vacuuming in bad need of being done, no cooking happening at all, it’s just all getting to be more and more of a mess. Keeping up with feed/water/litter box, because Miss G is utterly dependent upon me for her well-being, but my own is just not even getting consideration. I can’t. i can’t do this, I can’t do that. It’s very frustrating. I was doing so well, and Mother Nature never seems to like when that happens.

Not as hot or sticky today. Still puzzled by why I am tolerating it so well, as I never have before this year. Not complaining, Mother Nature. Perfectly happy tolerating hot and humid.

Still no new electric kettle. The one from Amazon was never even shipped from the seller, and my friend went to Walmart, and they only had one of the one I wanted, in a very damaged box. So no. I miss my kettle. If I could figure out how to keep the lid closed on my current one, but I have absolutely no ideas on that.

I am getting bread and lunch meat because I can throw together a sandwich. Things that don’t need much/any prep are the order of the day right now. I also have been drinking Polar Seltzer with added orange or pineapple juice. Very refreshing hot weather drink, and not sweet like soda. I am not a fan of sweet drinks, and never add sugar to coffee or tea. It’s also the reason I don’t like Oreos, too sickly sweet. Hydrox are my cookie. They were not available for a long time, but you can order them online now. Yay. They were actually the original chocolate sandwich cookie, but Oreo took over. Sugar is addictive, people. The sweeter it is, the more you want, the more you buy, the bigger the profit for the maker.
Diet soda is worse than regular, too. Do your research on that. Besides, what is funnier than hearing someone order a double cheeseburger with extra bacon, a large fry, and a diet Coke. Like regular Coke would be the problem in this order. Besides, Pepsi is better, anyway. 🙂 Diet Soda Health Issues

Today is the day Verizon FIOS, the worst customer service company in history, is supposed to auto deduct the three months of payment that it failed to deduct when it was supposed to. It’s on them. I have tried and tried and tried to resolve their failings, and now I just don’t care. Deduct, don’t deduct, shut me off. I can always go back to Comcast if they do. Not that Comcast is any better. My town once wanted to start it’s own internet provider, but somehow, it did not work out. Not sure why. We have a really good electric company, and our bills are much lower than any of the surrounding towns, and they would have been great to run an IP, I think. But no.

I cannot do much that involves movement, so rambling is my fall-back activity, it seems. Have a good day, readers, and please stay home, and wear your mask if you must go out. Save your friends, neighbors and loved ones, if you don’t care enough about yourself to take precautions, or if you mistakenly believe the virus is bogus or you are immune or immortal. Only the Highlander and Captain Jack are immortal. Trust me on this. 🙂Wear Your Mask, Please

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