It Was All For Nothing

Four months of self-isolation.  Today we had a fire alarm.  Down the stairs with lots of other people, none wearing masks including me, cause that was the last thing on my mind.  No distancing as we’re standing outside, although I did manage to move upwind from everybody.  Back up in the elevator with other people, because no way could I climb the stairs in this much pain.  So if anybody is infected, I am screwed.  Gertrude was terrified and hid before I could grab her, so I was freaking out about having to leave her.  Fortunately, it was over quickly, false alarm I guess, but very upsetting.  Mostly about Miss G, but also, all that isolation, and for what? 

2 thoughts on “It Was All For Nothing

  1. Not worried. Worrying won’t change whether or not I get sick, so why bother. Just learned a dear friend whom I have not seen since way before the virus, is very sick and undergoing testing. Not sure yet if it’s the virus or not. Scary. I was more worried about Gertrude yesterday than I was about myself. She was terrified, poor baby.

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