Yeuch!  I had to break down and close the windows and turn on the a/c, because just all of a sudden I was melting.  First time all summer.  So now I am shut in.  Seals on the windows are broken,so they are not clear even a little bit, so my view is hazy at best,  I cannot feel the breeze or hear the traffic and people, and it’s only been maybe half an hour and I am already feeling claustrophobic.  Or something.  Do not like.  DO NOT LIKE.  I can bear this with the windows open, because there is still some sense of connection with the world, but shut in is another story.  and there is the teeniest, cutest dog across the street.  On a leash.  But tinier than Miss G.  I swear it looks maybe 8 inches tall if that.  Puppy?  Anyway, crazy Jean is now going officially crazier.  Stay tuned.


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