Good Morning, World









Starting the day off right, with this from The New York Times Morning newsletter:

“Jeff Van Drew, a freshman Republican who won as a Democrat but then defected and pledged loyalty to Trump.”

Boy, if that doesn’t smack of betrayal, I don’t know what does.  Faked being a Democrat to get elected, then showed his true self, the one that has drunk the Koolaid and worships at the feet of the orange man.  He should have been recalled or whatever you can do to get a traitor out of office.  I am making more out of this than I should?  I honestly don’t know, but it definitely stinks.

Took two Aleve today, because back, despite a brief respite yesterday afternoon thanks to DD the light sender, is making it very hard to do anything but sit down.  Sending light seems very ‘the truth is out there’ and ‘I want to believe’ sort of business, but damn if it doesn’t work.  Three times she has done it for me over several years, and it has worked each time.  I do not believe in this stuff at all, so it’s very ‘out there’ to me. Here she is, if you are interested: Energy Healing

Did cook breakfast.  I almost never have a cooked breakfast, unless it’s oatmeal, which is basically ‘add hot water and eat’, so not sure that counts as cooking.  Bacon, scrambled eggs with large-curd cottage cheese mixed in, and an english muffin.  And coffee, it’s not day without coffee.  It just stays night for 24 hours.

What horrors am I going to encounter on Twitter today?  And Suckerberg (as DD calls him) is still being a totally despicable human being, so I am going to dump Facebook. I have been working up to it, but I am in a couple of fibro groups and hate to leave, but principles.  You have to live up to your principles, like put your money where your mouth is.  Of course, I fail badly at that one, because I cannot get what I need without Amazon.  Hate it, but it’s true.  My new laptop was 300 dollars more at the other big store.  So Amazon it is.  Catch-22.  It is wrong to support evil capitalists, but you can’t get on without them.  Life is all about trade-offs, isn’t it?

I do get Gertrude’s food from Chewy now.  Free shipping after a certain amount.  Sometimes shipping is as much or more than what you actually bought, so if I can’t get it, I don’t buy from whoever.  This is what got me started with Amazon in the first place.  Prime, with free shipping.

Cool, but very humid.  Have two fans on, one for me and one for Miss G. She prefers to play with the cord, but I do try to keep her comfortable.  When I am reading on the couch, I will say, ‘Gertrude, come sit with me.  Gertrude, up.’ and then I hear thump, thump, thump, and up she jumps.  She galumphs like a miniature elephant.  LOL  She doesn’t always stay, but at least she comes when I call her. She is so cute. Remember when she was so teeny and cute?  I do.  I miss that.  She is sitting on cds. 








Hoping today goes well.  Not sure what’s on my to do for today.  I made a schedule, which I am only infrequently able to stick to, but at least I can pretend I am getting things done, right?  I kind of think it’s good that I have to depend upon myself instead of homemakers, but on the other hand, there is no way I can keep up the way they could.  So a lot just does not get done at all.  Dishes, clean the bathroom, try to keep things tidy,yes, but vacuuming is not weekly, and mopping just does not happen, and laundry.  I am so over washing things by hand.  But I am not living in a mess, so I can cope.  I have vacuumed with the cannister vac, but it takes me several goes, because I have to sit down til my back stops hurting and a bit of energy returns.  So hallway, rest, kitchen, rest, bathroom, double rest because that’s where the litter box is and I have to move everything associated with it, like extra litter, and scoop, and litter-specific trash bin, and the rug it all sits on.  Half the living room, rest, other half, rest, couch. collapse, put vac away after a nice long lie-down and read on my Kindle session.

God, I love my Kindle.  My first one is eleven years old, and it is wonky, but still usable.  It is my favorite.  Keyboard Kindle. Why did they change it?  Why is it the norm to update, update, update, when what you have works perfectly?  Oh, profit, I forgot.  Apple convinced you that even though your phone still works as well as ever, you really need a newer one, because they really need to get richer. We buy into this crap, too, because it is blatantly obvious by the number of orange man worshipers how easily we are manipulated.

I want to go out.  I want to be one of the devil-may-care, ‘virus?  what virus’ people, but I just cannot.  When you’ve been sick enough that breathing was a real struggle, trust me, you don’t want to go through that again.  Stay safe.  This is not over, we are still in the first wave, and the death rate may be dropping a bit, but the after effects for the living can be life-long and devastating.  Be cautious.  Protect your loved ones, because everything is not just about you.

Pandemic Visualization


2 thoughts on “Good Morning, World

  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    I use my Kindle Keyboard every day. I read in bed with a soothing orange light, and the Kindle is manageable with one hand and doesn’t have the harsh backlight (even the sepia toned setting is still a bit bright). I love it. I hope it lasts a long time.

    Twitter is ugh. I want to know what’s going on, but at the same time…jeesh.

  2. Why, why, why did they stop selling the Keyboard? Mine is nine years old, not eleven. (Bought it in 2011, 11 stuck in my brain). Up until the past few months, when it got pretty wonky, I have used it virtually every single day since, usually for a few hours. Yes, I have a lot of time to read, what with practically living on the couch most of the time, thank you fibromyalgia. It is easier to hold, since there is more of it that is not screen, so my hands don’t cramp like they do with the smaller one. I actually found one on line once, sold by some guy who seems to have stocked up just for this purpose, but it would not charge and I returned it to him for a refund. Big disappointment, because when this one finally dies, I will NOT be a happy Amazon customer. I absolutely hate the touch screen ones. Who thought moving your thumb back and forth constantly was a good idea, or not going to cause debilitating joint problems down the line? You can’t control it well, either, at least I can’t, and there is no easy organization of items or easy deletion. I bought a paperwhite once and gave it away because ewwwwww. Okay, done with this. LOLOL

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