I see that the orange man is putting ‘corrupt’ before Joe Biden’s name every time he uses it, like he did ‘crooked’ with Hillary Clinton.  We need a word for him.  Demented?  Childish?  Something catchy that gets the point across.  If we put it out there all the time in all the places, maybe it will have an effect.  One can only hope.  I guess we could just call him ‘Little Donny Trump’, but something with more punch would be good.  I am so fed up with this shit.  We are in a pandemic, for god’s sake, we need someone with brains and guts and insight, not a three-year old in a man’s body.  Where is that damn space ship when you need it?

Good grief, look what I found looking for something to illustrate this. If he really does have dementia, which looks pretty likely, it is not nice to make fun of him, but otherwise, he so deserves it.

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