Safety with Groceries Video

This is pretty informative.  Learned some things I have done wrong, too.
safety with groceries

I’ve been thinking about this whole situation. I am really hoping that this will finally show what an incompetent buffoon is the orange gasbag whose feet people have been worshiping at. I am hoping we will learn the value of not driving every single place we go, of conservation, of doing with less, of voting for competent people with working brains, all the things that will make for a better living experience. But I have long ago lost hope in the common sense of my species, so am not holding my breath.

On the bright side, individually, people are stepping up and offering help and money and volunteering for things and working in dangerous situations like hospitals without proper safety materials. Individually, we are spectacular. It’s just the overall picture that is disturbing. So many under-educated, willfully ignorant people out there. It is NOT a good thing. I still see people out, some in groups, but there are a lot fewer of them, and much less traffic. Much less traffic. So some of us are getting it.

I am doing okay. My friend Tess and her husband stopped by and took my trash out, which I cannot do even when I am not isolating. I cannot hold up the dumpster lid AND toss the bag up and in at the same time. One or the other, and you need to do both. LOL

I am used to being alone, so am pretty happy with things right now. Weirdo kitty to play with, streaming services, and a zillion books on my kindle, so it’s all good. I would like to go outside sometime, but it’s really much too painful anyway unless I am just getting into a car to sit down again. I used to be better, and am not loving this development of constant back pain at all. I can’t stand for very long or walk very far at all. Woe is me. No, not looking for sympathy, just saying how things are. In general, things are damn good, so there.

Still having an issue with Verizon. Nothing is faster, and now my bill, which was supposed to be a particular number is now 32 dollars more. Why? What? Worse decision I have made in a long time, trying to change things up with Verizon. One hassle after another. So not worth it.

Bright sunny day here. Would open a window if I had some energy, but nooooo. LOL

My oldest Kindle.  Still works, sort of.  This thing has seen hundreds of hours of use.  It’s also my favorite version.  Whoever thought  touch screen tech was a good idea for this should be shot.  So!

Stay safe, folks. Wash your hands, stay in, learn to entertain yourselves. Cannot imagine what it was like for people way back when. They pretty much had to stay home because there wasn’t any place else. Had to entertain themselves, because no tv, no radio, no internet, no Amazon, no Kindles. Sounds pretty boring, but that was all they knew so maybe it wasn’t.

4 thoughts on “Safety with Groceries Video

  1. I remember, before television, when it got dark you listened to the radio, read Progressive Farmer magazine or went to bed. One Summer I read a 1940’s book about chicken farming …. didn’t eat chicken for over a year, and afterwards went to bed when it got dark. g

    • LOL. I remember listening to the radio when I lived at my grandma’s house, and then withy mom in the evening while my dad was working swing shift at the steel mill. I remember when we got TV, and there was one channel. 🙂

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