What I wanted to rant about yesterday.  Headline:  Is Reading At Night Terrible Or Am I Terrible.

Seriously, the modern self-obsessed world is ruining reading.  Read when you want to read, have 59 books in your To Be Read list, read as few or as many books as you want to in any given time period.  Who the fuck cares? Or set yourself up for continuous failure, continually judge yourself, compare yourself to other readers.  What is going on here?  If you have to read for work or school, that is a different situation, but reading for your own enjoyment or enlightenment isn’t meant to be a contest, isn’t meant to be another way to win or lose the reader sweepstakes.  The saying is, “Reading is FUNdamental”, because it is meant to be an enjoyable pastime, not another way to set ourselves apart from one another.  Labels are everywhere, and being used to create micro us/them categories in every walk of life.  I don’t think this is what all those who have fought and sometimes died for inclusion were aiming for.   I don’t understand my species constant need to judge and compare and use every means possible to set themselves apart, and by ‘apart’, I mean convince yourself you are better than ‘they’ are.  For shame, humanity.  Get over yourself.  Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Remembered

  1. I did the challenge one year, set 50 books and read over a hundred. I read a lot. LOL. It was just keeping track and maybe rating books after that, and I got bored with that in a hurry. I just want to read, the rest is just wasting good reading time.

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