Oh, The Ranting

Verizon.  Got new router set up.  Will not connect.  Tried and tried and tried and tried yesterday and today.  No internet, no email, no tv because Amazon FIrestick.  Called Verizon, they had to reboot the box from tech support.  Works fine now, but not as much faster as I had hoped. Oh, well.

Vacuum cleaner died in the middle of vacuuming yesterday.  I am exhausted after having pretty good day, Tuesday, where I got a few things done, and a better day yesterday, with a working brain and I got to go out.  Today I am wiped out.  Using the lidoxcaine patch on my back, so not as much pain there, and took two aleve earlier so less pain over all.  It never is completely gone, but sometimes gets a bit better.

Being super cautious due to the virus thingy, because it has taken almost three months to get over a cold I caught in early December that turned into a disaster for Jean.  Making everyone wash hands AND use sanitizer when they come, and yesterday Tess and I sanitized our hands after every place we went.

My personal chef  (wink, wink) is making me burgers with onions and mushrooms and cheese and toasted buns.  Oh, yeah.  I do like a good burger.

I had another rant, but my brain is sooo fried today.  Maybe I was going to rant about fried brain.  Who knows?  Later, dear people.  Wash your hands, please.  Stay safe.  Trump may be an idiot, but that does not mean the rest of us have to be as well.


2 thoughts on “Oh, The Ranting

  1. Sorry you’re feeling bad again. And I’m being super careful, too.

    Everyone has gone nuts over hand sanitizer, so buying bar soap is easy, thankfully.

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